Job-Ready Skills:
Level 3

In this module, we’ll look at how to stay positive when job hunting, knowing your personality type and how this may affect which roles you best fit. You’ll also learn about time management, health and safety, and budgeting. Let's get started!

3.2 hrs
Job-Ready Skills Level 3

What you will learn and how you will benefit

  • Learn how mindset can help you to stay positive, adapt to change, and excel in customer interactions. Discover the keys to resilience and customer service success.

  • Stay informed and ensure safety with vital health and safety information. We provide you with the knowledge you need to protect yourself and others.

  • Learn the art of time management for effective task prioritisation and goal setting. Master budget management to make your finances work smarter, not harder.

This course is for people that are looking to develop stronger job-ready skills to help you flourish at most workplaces.

Develop a healthy mindset and understand yourself:

Knowing yourself is vital in finding the right job fit. Uncover your work preferences, and learn techniques to have a positive and resilient mindset to help with your job hunt.

Boost your time management skills:

Time management is all about efficiently using your work hours to complete tasks. You’ll learn how to meet expectations, stay organised, and reduce stress by ensuring you stay on top of your workload.

Prepare for customer interaction:

Customer interactions are a regular part of most roles. Learn how to deal with challenging customer scenarios professionally.

Keep yourself healthy and safe at work:

Ensure the safety of you and those around you while your in the workplace.


Is previous knowledge required?

You’ll need your Job-Ready Skills Level 1 and 2 badges in order to progress to Level 3. But don’t worry, our bite-sized modules make it easy for you to learn even if you only have a few minutes a day!

Level 1

This is where you’ll begin your Job-Ready Skills journey. It will give you an understanding of skills that will help you search for the job that’s right for you.

Level 2

You’ll need your Job-Ready Skills Level 1 badge to progress to level 2. Here, we’ll start looking at what you need to know once you’ve found a job.

Level 3

You’ll need your Job-Ready Skills Level 1 and 2 badges in order to progress to level 3. This is the most advanced content, that will give you the edge at your new workplace.


What will I get at the end?

Once you complete your Job-Ready Skills Level 3, you will:

Be confident in your skills

You will be confident in the common skills that most employers are looking for, helping you to perform personal and professional tasks like a pro and feel job-ready.

Earn your third badge

You’ll receive your Job-Ready Skills Level 3 badge, which you can add to your CV & LinkedIn profile, to let potential employers know that you have the skills that they’re looking for!

Complete Job-Ready Skills courses!

By completing Job-Ready Skills Level 3, you will have completed all of our Job-Ready Skills content - earning yourself a My eQuals credential! This is recognised in NZ and Australia, and can help unlock doors to employment.

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