Digital Skills:
Level 2

Discover the power of digital tools! From Google Docs to ChatGPT, learn to breeze through tasks effortlessly. Master email, upload videos to YouTube, organise with Trello, and learn how social media can be used for networking and job hunting.

3.2 hrs
 Digital Skills Level 2

What you will learn and how you benefit

  • Learn the basics of connectivity and networking and how you can use tools such as social media to connect with people in the workforce.

  • Learn about exciting digital tools such as ChatGPT, Asana and Trello which can help you to manage your time more efficiently and even help with tasks like writing.

  • Learn more about essential topics such as cybersecurity awareness to stay safe online.

“This course is for people who are looking to build on their knowledge of digital skills so that they can navigate the internet and digital tools more effectively.”

Build on your digital skills:

Continue on your learning journey as we begin to build on the concepts learnt in Digital Skills Level 1, helping you to become more digitally savvy.

Use your time more effectively

Learn about powerful tools that can help you to manage your time better and get more tasks done in your workday.

Get Connected

Stay in the loop and discover how you can use tools such as social media and email to network with potential employers and like-minded people that can help you get to where you want to be.

Get comfortable with the latest tech

Develop your understanding of the technology that is revolutionising our world so that you feel comfortable and confident using it.


Is previous knowledge required?

Yes. You need to complete the Digital Passport Digital Skills Level 1 course before you can start Level 2. But don’t worry, our bite-sized modules make it easy for you to learn even if you only have a few minutes a day!

Level 1

This is where you’ll start your digital journey. It will give you an understanding of digital skills required to move to the next levels.

Level 2

You’ll need your Digital Skills Level 1 badge in order to progress to Level 2. You’ll step up your digital knowledge.

Level 3

You’ll need your Digital Skills Level 1 and 2 badges in order to progress to Level 3. This is the most advanced Digital Passport content.


What will I get at the end?

Once you complete Digital Skills Level 2, you can:

Have more advanced digital skills

You will master some of the more advanced digital tools to increase your confidence and efficiency to perform personal and professional tasks.

Earn your second badge

You’ll receive your Digital Skills Level 2 badge, which you can add to your CV and LinkedIn profile, to let potential employers know that you have the skills they’re looking for!

Unlock Digital Skills Level 3

By completing Digital Skills Level 2, you will unlock modules covering more advanced areas of digital skills, so you can continue on your learning journey.

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