Job-Ready Skills:
Level 2

In this module, we’ll build on what you’ve already learned and start covering what you need to know once you’ve found your new job so you can make a great first impression! From reviewing your contract and employee rights and how to take care of your mental health.

3.2 hrs
Job-Ready Skills Level 2 - Header


What you will learn and how you benefit

  • Learn what your rights are as an employee and what you should be looking for when reviewing a contract

  • Learn how to conduct yourself in a work environment

  • Learn how to look after yourself at work and ensure that you’re working well with your colleagues

This course is for people that are looking to gain important tips on what to expect in a work environment and how to make a great impression at work.

Understand your contract:

Learn what might be included in your contract and what it means, so that you understand what you’re signing up for.

Prepare for the workplace:

Get an understanding of what will be expected of you when you begin your new job and find out how you can be ready for this.

Learn how to act at work:

Get valuable insight into topics such as cultural considerations and developing your communication style so that you can ensure you hit the ground running with your new teammates.

Understand how to approach issues at work:

Find out the best way to deal with issues around mental health or conflicts at work, so you know what you can do if this happens.


Is previous knowledge required?

Yes. You need to complete the Digital Passport Job-ready Skills Level 1 course before you can start Level 2. But don’t worry, our bite-sized modules make it easy for you to learn even if you only have a few minutes a day!

Level 1

This is where you’ll begin your Job-Ready Skills journey. It will give you an understanding of skills that will help you search for the job that’s right for you.

Level 2

You’ll need your Job-Ready Skills Level 1 badge to progress to level 2. Here, we’ll start looking at what you need to know once you’ve found a job.

Level 3

You’ll need your Job-Ready Skills Level 1 and 2 badges in order to progress to level 3. This is the most advanced content, that will give you the edge at your new workplace.


What will I get at the end?

Once you complete Job Ready Skills Level 2, you will:

Be better prepared for when you start work

Once completed you will have a greater knowledge of what to expect in the workplace and how you will be expected to conduct yourself.

Earn your second badge

You’ll receive your Job Ready Skills Level 2 badge, which you can add to your CV & LinkedIn profile, to let potential employers know that you have the skills that they’re looking for!

Unlock Job Ready Skills Level 3

By completing Job Ready Skills Level 2, you will unlock modules covering more advanced areas of employment and the workplace, so you can continue on your learning journey.

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