Digital Skills:
Level 3

Take your digital skills to the next level. Dive deeper into the power of Google Suite (including Sheets and Slides) and get the hang of Zoom and Teams for video conferencing and online meetings. Level 3 is all about collaboration and connectivity!

3.2 hrs
 Digital Skills: Advanced image

What you will learn and how you benefit

  • Learn some of the more complex skills that employers are looking for, such as how to effectively create and use spreadsheets and slides, data entry basics and file sharing.

  • Learn valuable skills that you can use at home as well as in the workforce, such as how to use website builders, how to create great branding and digital portfolios, as well as helpful tips that can help you navigate the internet like a pro.

  • Learn the common expectations around the use of video conferencing tools, as well as how you can use video editing software to make your videos look like professionals.

“This course is for people who are looking to gain advanced digital skills that they can use both in the workforce and in their day-to-day lives to use digital technology more effectively.”

Build on your digital skills

Continue on your learning journey and get some of the more advanced skills employers are looking for, so that you can become a digital whiz!

Get comfortable on camera

Learn the basics of video conferencing and what the common etiquette and expectations are, so you feel comfortable participating in online calls.

Get the tools to do it yourself

Discover how you can create things like your own website and digital portfolios with great branding so that you can showcase your skills to the world.

Get the results you’re looking for

Find out how you can search the internet better so that you receive the search results that you’re looking for.


Is previous knowledge required?

Yes. You need to complete the Digital Passport Digital Skills Level 2 course before you can start Level 3. But don’t worry, our bite-sized modules make it easy for you to learn even if you only have a few minutes a day!

Level 1

This is where you’ll start your digital journey. It will give you an understanding of digital skills required to move to the next levels.

Level 2

You’ll need your Digital Skills Level 1 badge in order to progress to Level 2. You’ll step up your digital knowledge.

Level 3

You’ll need your Digital Skills Level 1 and 2 badges in order to progress to Level 3. This is the most advanced Digital Passport content.


What will I get at the end?

Once you complete Digital Skills Level 3, you can:

Be confident performing basic digital skills

You will be confident in the common digital skills that most employers are looking for, helping you perform personal and professional tasks like a pro.

Earn your Level 3 badge

You’ll receive your Digital Skills Level 3 badge, which you can add to your CV and LinkedIn profile, to let potential employers know you’ve mastered the digital basics that they’re looking for!

Unlock new content and courses!

By completing Digital Skills Level 3, you will have completed all of our digital skills content, allowing you to unlock new courses covering some more advanced areas in more detail, so you can continue on your learning journey.

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